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Brand photography is all about setting the right mood and telling your story through series of heartfelt and exclusive images tailored specifically for you.

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Creative Portrait

Who is this for?

Creative portrait photoshoot is for creative souls who want to level up their portfolio with artistic images, or to show up as the face behind their brand. Creative portrait is intended for artists, photographers, personal brands, coaches, educators, yoga teachers, healers, dancers, public figures, actors, and small and medium businesses.

It can be done in my studio or another location of our choice.

- One location

- 2 outfits

- 2-3 hours photoshoot

- 30 high quality photographs




The whole process gave me confidence in her skills and I felt that I was in caring, professional hands from the start, so I dared to take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Tanja Giovanelli

Lifestyle Brand Bundle

Who is this for?

Lifestyle brand bundle is a kit for small/medium businesses and personal brands who understand the value of connecting with their customers. It is meant for creatives, hand crafters, artisan makers, small batch produces, designers, photographers, artists, coaches, and educators. Lifestyle brand bundle includes portrait, products and/or lifestyle shots.

*Distance work available, so if you don't live in my country, feel free to contact me to see how we can make it.

- Up to 2 locations

- 3 outfits

- 4-6 hours photoshoot

- 60 high quality photographs



Product Bundle

Who is this for?

Product bundle is intended for heart lead creative makers, producers, crafters, and creators whose hands are the extension of their soul. Having the sensibility to dive deep into my clients needs, I tend to tell a story that not only shows your product, but evokes emotions, memories and connection. This is where relationships are grown.

Product bundle includes product

and lifestyle images.

Custom pricing depending on number of products and photos.



Magic is only possible if you believe you can accomplish something.

All offers include:

  • Detailed correspondence via e-mail about your brand, products or services, needs, desires, goals, and expectations.
  • Questionnaire
  • Inspirational storyboard
  • On brand styling and arrangement
  • Photoshoot
  • Image selection and editing
  • Online image delivery
  • Take your business to the next chapter and let me create unique imagery for your brand’s authentic appearance.

    Not sure which one would work the best for your business?

    Email me at [email protected] and let me know what are you all about. Let’s see if we can make this happen.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected] with your questions and inquiries, or to get my Media Kit with pricing information.

    And Answers


    Who is a brand photoshoot meant for?

    I’m a business owner, but I’m a bit confused. What exactly is a brand photoshoot?

    If you have a business, this is for you. Brand photoshoots are meant for everyone who is offering their work to others and using the internet regarding business in any way. If you have a website, an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and you are selling your work, you will benefit a lot from brand photos.

    If you want to sell your products or services, besides having the actual product or service of course, you will have to find a way to reach your potential clients and connect with them on an emotional level. For this is how we buy, the ‘why’, not the ‘what’. The overall impression of your brand, besides brand colours and typography, voice and the tone of communication, is highlighted and elevated with your imagery. Your images should speak to your customers without saying the words. This is what brand photos are. They communicate your message with the style, mood, colour, and props that are used in the photoshoot. This is what I do for you, and I really enjoy doing it.

    I’m a service based business. Do I need brand photos? What kind of images can you take for me?

    Absolutely yes! Service based business is just like any other. Showing your face behind your logo and letting people know how you look, what you like, what your style and your energy are will bring you much closer to the desired audience. This is how you can attract like-minded people who you will enjoy working with. I will take your portraits in different outfits, in one or more locations. In addition to that, I will create lifestyle photos that include details, props, flat lays, moments in time. These will include your personal items like cups, notebooks, books, stationery, or any other items you use in your business or which represent the story we would love to tell.

    How will I and my business benefit from brand photos?

    The thing is, when you have a business, selling is not the only part of it. Providing value for your customers should be your number one concern. To provide value, among having a high quality product or service, you need to show yourself as valuable and investment worthy. Investing in yourself and your business this way is a direct way of showing that you are serious and trustworthy. Imagine if you were looking for a therapist online, and you can choose from two. One of them has a low quality website template and a phone camera selfie, and other has invested in a logo, better web design and tailor made photos from which you can tell more about the personality behind the name. Whom would you choose? The same goes for any kind of business.