The inevitable invitation of change – transitions in life

12 July 2023

These past weeks and perhaps months have been all about travel bags all around the places. This one in Zagreb, and the one in Istria. Unpacking is one of those things I need to push myself to do as soon as I come home, otherwise we’ll be looking the bags and suitcases around for days. But since it has become almost weekly activity, I don’t even bother to unpack. I’m having my cosmetic bag in the bathroom, never emptied and put away, reminding me subtly every single day that a huge shift is coming my way. The inevitable change.

We are finishing our house in the countryside and will be moving places this summer, mid to end August probably. But, the move has already begun. I don’t know if it was when we started building. Perhaps when my husband started getting better after being seriously sick last year when he got spinal cord inflammation and was disabled from the chest down for couple of months. That was an experiences that brought many blessings. Maybe it was when we bought the land, or what I feel as true, much much earlier than that. Isn’t this unfolding of life something what we have carried since -ever-? Isn’t the seed of our intentions set much prior it even becomes a solid idea? It’s always there, you see. The seed of everything you can possibly become. 

The inevitability of change

I am confused inside a little bit, I must admit. Not that I would notice myself to be this way, but I see in myself this play of confusion and disorientation. For example, not being able to focus much, a lot of thoughts and visions. Many things to do and still quite some time for the move that awaits. But the hoop is getting tighter and I feel it day to day. It’s like a silent preparation for the transition of eras in one’s life. I cannot focus much on work, and tasks take so much longer. I am feeling it deeply and I am accepting this stage as it is, not forcing it to be different. I’m not pushing myself, deeply letting go as soon as I notice it needs to be let. Embracing and being one with it. Being as is. 

Saying goodbye is dying, in fact. Saying goodbye to what was, what has gone, to what passed. I have been living in Zagreb for 29 years. A city that has raised and shaped me, bringing opportunities to dive into myself. To meet God, and experience profound connection to the divine all along those years. Some opportunities I took, some I missed. Soon, I will be living in the countryside, in the middle of Istria. A region that I yet have to meet, know and sense. Yet I feel it already in my bones, sensing it has the medicine for my soul, and the souls of my family. Daily mesmerised by its beauty and wildernes I am fed by its potent ground. I feel blessed and grateful for this life and how it has shaped me, leading me through diverse terrains of divinity.

Surrendering to never-ending transitions

Some changes are beautiful, some or not. Seeing them all just as they are, not good nor bad and surrendering to them whole and letting yourself be the instrument of the force above and the spirit inside and out, leaves you naked and vulnerable on the outside, and divinely guided, easy and flawless from the inside. And unafraid. 

It’s liberating.

This self-portrait session inspired by the village has been something I’ve been working on. My thoughts have been around different ideas and directions for business and life and I’m opening myself for some new season. We’ll see what it brings.

I am very little active or not active on both of my Instagram profiles, Marina Cosic and Marina Cosic Studio, hoping to bring the content, communication and connections to my website. This is also why I’m letting go of my blog, Oil on paper blog, which won’t be active anymore. One of the things I will be working in the coming months is a new portfolio and that one is what I’m really looking forward to for my photography is developing itself, following the rhythm of the divine.

I would love to catch up on here with those of you who are here, present, aware and noticing. I would love to connect in the comments so, do leave a note.

See you around.